Feeding advice in breeding

The feed requirements of a horse depend on its consumption. Therefore, lactating mares, young horses, sport horses and recreational horses will have different feed requirements. 
We have some advice for you for each type of horse.


How do I feed my foal?

Breeding mares

How do I calculate the maintenance needs of a broodmare?

Young Horses

What energy does your young horse need?

Feeding recommendations for adult horses

The optimal balance between recreational horses, sport horses and older horses.


A horse in training, obviously burns more energy than a recreational horse, with no work load as such. Logically, this used energy needs to be replenished through the feed.


Maintenance needs are to be met first, and per work load, an extra work bonus is to be fed. This bonus will be bigger for sport horses not only because of the duration of the work load, but also due to its increased intensity.

Older horses

How do you keep your horse fit and healthy into old age?

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