Older horses

How do you keep your horse fit and healthy into old age?
oudere paarden

The main issue with older horses are the teeth. Because of degradation of the teeth, the food isn’t mashed as it should be, and as a consequence, isn’t digested properly. As seen above, the Mash Herbs could serve as a solution to some of these problems. It’s prepared with warm water, which facilitates the ingestion and the digestibility.
Lannoo Fibermix is another product that could help these horses. It’s a mixture composed of a lot of natural resources that are rich in cellulose and raw fibers. This product also contains additives that help digest proteins, starch, raw fibers and sugar to ensure an optimal gut macrobiota and bowel functioning. Fibermix is a supplement that’s designed to be mixed with the regular concentrate, in relatively small doses (0,5 kg).

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