How do I feed my foal?

A foal is born without an adequate defense against diseases. The intake of the colostrum kick starts the foals immune system and ensures the first protection against germs of any kind. The colostrum contains antibodies from the mare, so in case the mare looses too much of it before the foal is born, it's preferable to try to collect the colostrum. When the foal is born it can be fed from the bottle. Without it, the foal will be much more vulnerable to diseases.
For the foals development, it's vital to start eating concentrate as soon as possible. The digestibility of the food is a key factor. Lannoo has the very tasteful Lannoo Breeding that can be fed to the mare and from which the foal can start eating together with the mare. Another option is to feed the young couple in separate containers. In that case Lannoo Breeding Start is advised, a concentrate with very little granule to facilitate the intake for the foal.

After weaning, it becomes even more crucial to procure the foal with sufficient concentrate. 
A common problem in weaned foals is weight loss, To prevent this, the feed needs to be very tasteful, contain dairy elements, soy (rich in amino acids) and needs to be easily digestible. We address the digestibility by using flocklined cereals. The ideal solution to avoid problems related to weaning is Lannoo Breeding Start. It will help develop the digestive system of the foal, support the foal while growing and prevent weaning diarrhea. It will give the foal a head start, which it is likely to keep later on. 
Usually it is advised to deworm the foal for the first time at the age of two months. Furthermore they need feed with high energy levels and enough proteins to enable growth (Lannoo Breeding Junior). Be sure to keep in mind not to let the youngsters get too fat. This will result in extra pressure and work load for the semi developed bones and joints.

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