The success story of Karin Donckers & Fletcha Van't Verahof

Karin Donckers has already achieved particularly good results with three horses in later life. This is only possible because she always puts the health of her horses first.

She participated in the Olympics with Britt and Gazelle when the horses were 14 and 18 years old respectively.

Today, Fletcha van 't Verahof is also 18 and is in top condition. Victory with the team at the Nations Cup in Montelibretti and 2nd place with the Belgian team and 4th place individually in the tough cross at Millstreet last weekend confirm this.
More than 30 years of experience in the sport means Karin can judge better than anyone else when to use a horse. She likes to use her horses selectively so that they stay on level for longer.

Fletcha van't Verahof has already participated in three world championships at the ages of 9, 13 & 17. This is quite exceptional in this tough discipline. Fletcha has a lot of natural energy. When out riding, he feels like a 4-year-old.

In preparation for a competition, Karin provides water training with the horses every 4-5 days. This is a combination of strength training and cooling while working. Here, the horse has to use its body fully. A good way to detect small aches and pains more easily. Before they return to a heavy competition, the horse's weight should be restored. By monitoring the horses' weight, you know perfectly how well they have digested a particular competition or long journey to and from the competition and when they will be employable again.

The top horses are at pasture for three to four hours a day. Karin also considers it important that the horses have constant hay available.

Furthermore, the ration is roughly as follows:
4 x per day 0.5 kg Lannoo Gastro Cubes
4 x daily 0.5 kg Lannoo Muscle Plus
4 x daily 15 ml of linseed oil
4 x daily 0.25 scoop of soaked beet pulp
2 final feeds each contain 1 scoop Hartog Digest

"What you eat is what you are" is Karin's slogan. She therefore considers the quality of the feed for her horses of paramount importance.
Since Fletcha van't Verahof has been fed Lannoo Gastro Cubes, she has been able to keep him at a much better weight. He also sucks considerably less air and feels better.

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