Smarter foals thanks to Lannoo O-Mega Condition!

Do you know all the benefits of administering fish oil to foals? Scientific research shows that fish oil contributes to good joint support and improves general fitness. Moreover, studies show that EPA and DHA have a positive impact on inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and respiratory diseases (such as recurrent airway obstruction (RAO)), as well as providing support in brain development and increasing the foal's trainability.

Research shows the positive effects of fish oil on pregnant mares and their foals. The foals' blood contains a higher share of DHA, which supports brain development and increases the foals' trainability. This increase was visible immediately after delivery, but also persisted in the following period because the fatty acids also reach the foal via the dam's milk!

Earlier scientific research shows that young animals fed DHA in their rations learn and remember better as well as having a better psychomotor performance.

Conclusion: Supplementing Lannoo O-Mega Condition to pregnant mares is therefore seen as a positive addition to the ration!


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