Optimal stomach health thanks to Lannoo Gastro Cubes

Lannoo Gastro Cubes are tasty pellets with a triple function. The specific composition provides positive effects for the entire digestive system: stomach, intestine and liver.
Gastro cubes

The limited sugar and starch content, as well as buffers such as sodium bicarbonate and zeolite, protect the stomach wall from harm caused by stomach acid.

Milk thistle seed and dried chicory root, rich in prebiotic inulin and bitter substances, ensure good liver function.

The addition of live yeasts and yucca extracts improves the metabolic processes in the intestine to promote feed intake.

In addition, Lannoo Gastro Cubes provide the necessary vitamins and minerals to bring sport horses up to top condition. The addition of antioxidants, rice bran and polyphenols also ensure optimal muscle metabolism.

“I had a horse that was always bloated as people like to call it. After we started giving the horse Lannoo Gastro Cubes, he felt noticeably better and there was also an enormous improvement in appearance. He looks much sportier.” – Wilm Vermeir

“In stressful situations, horses that receive Gastro Cubes absorb their concentrates better. These Gastro Cubes have significantly improved their stomach health. The horses are now more relaxed, happy, and maintain their weight easier.” – Olivier Philippaerts

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