On the menu of STANNY HR

Stanny HR already showed what he is capable of during the first rounds of the stallion competition. Saturday is the final for the young stallions.

In addition to the necessary training, a well-considered ration is important to get the horse in top form. The basis consists of high-quality roughage, Lannoo Active fibre and Active plus cubes. This is supplemented with Lannoo Fiber Mash in order to provide sufficient easily digestible fibre to keep the horse round.
To support the muscle function, Stanny HR also gets vitamin E and selenium supplements.

🌱 Active Fibre
- Limited sugar and starch content
- Rich in fibre, which helps the horses chew better and produce more saliva

🏇 Active Plus Cubes
- All round pellet with oats
- A rich basis that keeps the horses willing to work and fresh

💦 Fiber Mash
- Grain-free sponger that is very tasty and easy to digest
- Ensures good intestinal function
- Ready in 15 minutes!

🌿 Mash herbs
- Easily digestible slobber that provides the necessary electrolytes and herbs
- Stimulates the appetite
- Ensures fast recovery from heavy work

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Eugeen Meeusstraat 6, 2170 Merksem (Belgium)
KBO 0461.284.884
RPR Antwerp, division Antwerp

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