On the Menu of JOYRIDE S - WIlm Vermeir

Wilm Vermeir has won a number of victories with Joyride S in recent months. How is a horse like that kept in top form, in addition to the necessary training and activities? By a well-considered ration!

The basis of the ration, consisting of high-quality roughage and Lannoo Sport Cubes, is supplemented with a number of specialities so that all the essential requirements are met.

In this way the horse gets enough easily digestible fibre, the necessary essential amino acids to produce proteins for the muscles and sufficient energy without getting hot.

- Contains live yeasts
- Low in sugars and starch, prevents fluctuations in blood sugar levels
- Stomach protector
- High content of vegetable oil

- Grain-free mash
- Very tasty and easily absorbed
- Easily digestible
- For a good intestinal function
- Ready in 15 minutes!

- Rice bran
- High vitamin and mineral content
- Highly digestible protein source which ensures the supply of essential amino acids
- All ingredients for good muscle building and muscle recovery

Voeders Lannoo-Martens BV
Eugeen Meeusstraat 6, 2170 Merksem (Belgium)
KBO 0461.284.884
RPR Antwerp, division Antwerp

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