Balanced sports mixture with 35% oats.

Sport Balancer

Concentrated feed that can be used in addition to a basic ration of simple grains or in small quantities along roughage with high nutritional value.

Sport Cubes

Richly vitaminised sports pellet with oats and high fibre content

Sport Endurance

Highly energetic sporting feed without oats.

Sport Fiber

High-fibre sports mix

Sport Plus

Very powerful, energetic mixture, that’s high in vitamin levels

Sport Plus Cubes

Granulated sports feed that are very rich in energy and vitamins

Sport Zen

Cereal-free mixture with low sugar and starch content

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Eugeen Meeustraat 6, 3170 Merksem (Belgium)
KBO 0461.284.884
RPR Antwerp, division Antwerp

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