A good transition for mare and foal after weaning

01/09/2021 Author: Sophie Pauwels |

When your foal is weaned between 100 and 120 days old, 1kg of Breeding Start can be given in addition during the last 14 days. Preferably a foal tank can be used for this.
After weaning, the concentrated feed can be increased to 2kg per day. 
If the foal is a little older at the time of weaning, it is safe to feed it up to 3kg of concentrate per day. 
How to stop the mare's milk production after weaning? Terminate the use of Breeding products on the mare and start with a product from the Basic range. Limit the general feed intake in the first two weeks.
Tip: Evaluate condition of mare and foal
Always check the condition of the foal first. Is the foal rather scrawny and does the mare look good? Then check the mare's milk production and feed the foal extra Breeding Start. 
Does the foal look good and does the mare look skinny? Then you will not solve this by feeding the mare more, but you should wean the foal in good time.