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Gastro Cubes

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A good transition for mare and foal after weaning

Give your mare and foal extra support during and after weaning.

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Optimal stomach health thanks to Lannoo Gastro Cubes

Lannoo Gastro Cubes are tasty pellets with a triple function.

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A good transition from stable to field!

Vitamin D is produced in the body under the influence of sunlight.

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De correcte voeding voor uw fokmerrie en haar veulen.

Het opvolgen en voederen van drachtige merries en hun veulens vergt een specifieke aanpak, die wij graag toelichten.

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Welcome to Lannoo Horse Feed's website.

Each horse needs to be fed according to its own needs and obviously not every horses needs are the same. That’s why we will try to explain the fundamentals of horse feeding on this site. If you would have any further questions about how to feed your horse, feel free to contact us for professional advice.

Remarkable performances with Lannoo
If you've realized remarkable performances supported by any of Lannoos products we would be very happy to be informed about it on: nickadriaensen@lannoo-martens.comIt would be our pleasure to announce those performances on our website!